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DST dehumidifiers ”World’s Best Hamburgers”

Nacka Köttprodukter AB is a small meat packing company that provides all of Sweden with hamburgers. They produce up to 600 tons a year, using 250 different recipes. For Nacka Köttprodukter, the environment is a question near and dear to their heart. From not printing paper to only using electricity generated from wind turbines to dehumidify with Seibu Giken DST.

In the food industry, there are strict rules and regulations regarding hygiene, both for how the food is handled and also for how the premises appear. Nacka Köttprodukter follows these rules very carefully and sanitizes their facility nearly 2 hours per day. At which time, they sanitize the entire room including all process machinery. This and the fact that they moisten the meat for it not to get stuck on the plates, and that the room is cooled, contributed to that the premises had a high humidity. Among other things, this caused Nacka Köttprodukter to have problems with condensation on the ceiling, and also frost build up in their freezer. The frost was a consequence of opening and closing the freezer doors more than 100 times a day, as all of their hamburgers have to remain frozen. As a result of this, the cooling coils became covered with frost and the freezer needed to be defrosted very frequently.


Nacka Köttprodukter contacted Garnsviken, a DST representative, to obtain help with their moisture problem. Having already been told that a dehumidifier would not fit on their premises, they were relieved when Garnsviken proposed several solutions. The customer also needed the unit to be quiet, since there are residential flats above the production premises.

A uniform climate

Garnsviken met the customer’s requests by installing dehumidifiers in their production room and in their cold store. This ensures that the humidity does not differ as much between the different spaces, which makes it easier for them to maintain their desirable climate. To ensure the dehumidifiers were quiet, they were mounted on the walls with sound proof insulation. The dehumidifiers are set based on the customer’s needs instead of running all of the time, which makes them both more effective and energy-efficient.

Dehumidified premises

Following the installation of the DST dehumidifiers. Nacka Köttprodukter no longer has problems with condensation on their ceiling and the need to defrost the freezer has been greatly reduced. The electronics in the production room, which are rinsed off every day, are functioning better than before. One positive result that Nacka Meat Packing had not expected. Stefan Grahn, Nacka Köttprodukter’s owner, is very pleased with the results and warmly recommends DST’s dehumidifiers.

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