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Dry aged beef with dry air

Alpenrind is a meat wholesaler which supplies top-quality beef to customers all over Europe. They have now invested in DST dehumidifiers to help the dry ageing process. Alpenrind focuses on its close proximity to farmers, transportation kept as short as possible and respectful handling of the animals. Strict controls and clear rules guarantee that the meat is of the very best quality.

Dry aged beef
“Dry ageing”, which involves storing beef on the bone in a control climate, is considered by many people to be one of the highest quality methods for processing meat. The meat is stored for up to 21 days in accordance with the “slow food” principle. Alpenrind has recently started offering this delicacy to its customers.

Storage process assisted by DST dehumidifiers
KIRSCH, DST’s representative in Austria, has supplied two model RL-71 sorption dehumidifiers for two storage areas for the dry aged beef. These devices deliver 40%RH at 2°C. The temperature is controlled separately by the customer cooling circulating system.

The meat comes from domestic Simmental cattle, whose meat is characterised by fine fatty tissue. This results in fine marbling of the meat. The choicest pieces are cut and stored for up to 21 days in the specially designed and recently constructed storage areas, resulting in a high quality meat with a delicate flavour and a fatty aroma.

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