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A dryer waterworks

Billund Water, installed a dehumidification system on its premises to avoid moisture problems that can easily arise at a waterworks.

Billund Water is a waterworks that has been in Denmark since 2010. When their operation expanded, they needed dehumidification in their premises. Billund Water’s consulting project engineer was then in contact with Seibu Giken DST’s representative Geovent, who is an exclusive representative of DST in Denmark. Geovent was asked to design a facility that can handle dehumidification while maintaining an overpressure in the waterworks. The overpressure allows Billund Water themselves to control any leakage while avoiding getting non-filtered air in to the building. Dehumidification helps to prevent condensation on cold surfaces, pipes and containers in the waterworks. Condensation can contribute to mold growth and metal rusting.

Geovent delivered a DST R-061 dehumidifier that is controlled by a PLC and is regulating the overpressure with a pressure sensor and two modulating dampers. The humidity in the waterworks is regulated by a floating dewpoint control that controls the surface temperature, while keeping the relative humidity at an appropriate level. This provides a very energy efficient operation of the dehumidifier. Billund Water works a lot with energy efficiency and the installation has fulfilled both their wishes and requirements.


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