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The dog, said to be man’s best friend

When dog food is being produced, the food is first cooked and then placed in a dry air camber to be dried. If the dog food isn’t dried properly before it gets packaged, the food quickly goes bad. That is why the drying is an important step in the manufacturing proces

For the food to be dried thoroughly in the dry air camber, it’s often required that the rooms be dehumidified, if not then outdoor air can leak into the room. This problem is often particularly noticed in the summer when it’s hot and extra humid outside. The quality of the dog food will then vary depending on the season.

In Poland, DST Poland installed a RL-71 dehumidifier at dog food producer Balto, which has resulted in that they now can guarantee the quality of their dog food, regardless of season and outdoor climate. This process is similar to food production, where the food can easily go bad if the rooms relative humidity is too high during production and packaging.


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