Consorb DC-5

DC-5 is a handy, easy to place, sorption dehumidifier, which was developed to be compact and perfect for small spaces. The chassis is made of stainless steel. The D-MAX rotor is washable.

Recusorb RL-61/ICE/L/L ICE

On both process and regen sides there are F7 panel filters as standard equipment. The chassis is in stainless steel with all components inside. For control, we can panel mount regulator EH3 or humidistat EH4 and even have the unit with PLC C4 with Modbus communication and graphic screen with touch function. There are possibilities […]

Aquasorb AQ-30B/31B/31L

These unit’s condensates out the water instead of having a wet airflow, which is important for some applications. For example, if the wet air is difficult to duct too outdoor or that all the heat put is collected into the unit in the dehumidified room. On water damage restoration application, it is also important as […]

Recusorb RL-60R/LR

RL-60 is an energy efficient unit thanks to the built-in heat recovery and it delivers equally high performance regardless of the climate. Compact and service friendly design The compact design of an RL-60 results in a small footprint. The RL-units have good service access for replacing filters, seals and other key internal components. The standard […]

Recusorb DR-50R

DR-50 is perfect for storage, water damage restoration and other applications that demands a controlled level of humidity. It is a three-phase unit with plug fan that brings noise level down to a minimum.

Recusorb DR-40 T10/T16

DR-40 is a powerful single-phase dehumidifier fitted with practical handles. DR-40 is designed wholly in stainless steel with a highly effective desiccant rotor from Seibu Giken. Thanks to the plug fan the dehumidifier DR-40 has a low noise level. DST offers multiple solutions for control of our units.

Recusorb DR-31 T10

The DR-31 dehumidifies according to the Recusorb principle with built in heat recovery. DST offers multiple solutions for control of our units.

Recusorb DR-010B

Однофазный осушитель с корпусом из нержавеющей стали. Recusorb имеет встроенную рекуперацию тепла и регулирование работы нагревателя.

Consorb DC-50R

The DC-50 has a resistive heater and needs a three phase supply. This unit is the right choice when you need to recirculate air in a room and there is a large difference between moisture content of the air in a room and the air outside. As an option it is possible to control the […]

Consorb DC-31 T10/T16

DC-31 dehumidifies according to the Consorb-principle, see Technology for further information on DST’s dehumidification principles. The unit works good if there is a large difference in moisture content between process and regeneration air inlets. It has a self-regulating heater, a protected control panel and a washable rotor. The DC-31 comes in two versions; one for 10A […]

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